World's Largest Battery-Powered Generator

2,048Wh Capacity | 2,000W AC Output | 13 Outputs | Solar Input | Charge Tesla | Lifetime Warranty

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13 Outputs Powering All Your Needs

Solar Input Charging

300w Solar Input Fast Charge

Wall Socket Charging

390W High-speed AC charge without Adapter

Car Charging

Charge LEOCH on your road trip and let it energize your camping days.

Unparalleled Power Capacity

LEOCH is even Capable of Powering Welding Machines. Bring it on.

LEOCH is Your Considerate Companion for Camping Days.

The Future of Portable Power Stations

John S.

Power Anything, Connect Anywhere

Alex Pederson

It Dispells all my worries of "power off"

Luke Robbins